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Guidelines for Qualification of Parent Hours

 If you are helping OTHER students-
  • chaperoning a group at a community service event;
  • taking the group on a field trip;
  • being a job shadow mentor for ANOTHER student

these count as they are taking on OTHER students as they do on a school sponsored field trip. 

If you are driving your OWN child ONLY on a school sponsored field trip, it will not count. 

Volunteer Process

We Need Drivers!

We always need parents to volunteer to drive for field trips and other school events!

The process can take up to 8 weeks, and must be be completed annually.  Please do this process early in the school year. We have had some drivers not getting qualified in time and not able to drive for their event.


To ease the time, energy and small fee you will earn 15 parent involvement hours (if you qualify)--that's half your hours for the year just for signing up!  You can then earn additional hours for time spent driving and at events.


According to the Transportations policy, this process is required each year.

  1. If you do not already have a staff or volunteer badge a volunteer form must be filled out and signed by the principal. Call the district 916 566-1600 and they can guide you through the time, and requirements of getting your badge.
  2. Proof of liability insurance with coverage of at least $100,000 per person and $300,000 per incident.
  3. Proof of a valid California Driver’s License.
  4. Proof of current automobile registration
  5. Signed Vehicle Safety and Transportation Procedures and Requirements Form included in this packet.
  6. Signed DMV Pull Notice included in this packet.
  7. H6 report from DMV, (cannot get online), DMV fee $5.00. (example included, please take sample to DMV)

Please bring your badge, proof of insurance coverage including expiration date, current driver’s license, current  car registration, signed Safety form (included in packet), signed DMV Pull Notice (included in packet), and original H6 from DMV, to the school office.

Field Trip Troubleshooting for Parent Drivers

What do I do if a student gets sick while driving?

  • Pull over and call trip leader (or school) to notify child’s parents.
What do I do if I have an accident?
  • Call trip leader and school to notify them ...more


District Badges

Not all opportunities to volunteer at CCAA require a disrict badge, but many do!

Drivers for field trips are often needed and in short supply.  Parents are encouraged to get district badges well before field trip dates.  This process requires a TB testing and fingerprinting process through the district.  Click the Frequent Volunteer Application link above or contact our school office for more information.


Please note that all adults must sign in at the office before coming on campus, and must wear a visitor badge, regardless of whether an event requires a district badge.