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Attend Committee Meetings!

Earn Parent Involvement Hours by attending meetings, or even consider running for office!

English Learners Advisory Committee

Parent Teacher Organization

School Site Council


also see our School Calendar for upcoming events

We Need Drivers!

you can earn 15 parent hours just for qualifying to drive on field trips each year!  See our Volunteer Process page

Volunteer Opportunities

Involvement News


Our next ELAC meeting is March 1st at 9 a.m. at Arutas.  Agenda includes:

  • Purpose of ELAC
  • Elections
  • Review of Services to EL students
  • TRUSD Services and Opportunities
  • Classroom Opportunities
  • Question and Answer

La agenda del día incluye:

  • Propósito de ELAC
  • Elecciones
  • Revisión de los servicios a estudiantes aprendices del Ingles
  • Servicios y Oportunidades de TRUSD
  • Oportunidades en los salones de clases
  • Preguntas y respuestas

Want to earn volunteer hours for talking about your job?  CCAA Walerga will be having a Career Day on April 6th from 9:00-11:00 for junior high and high school students.

We are in the planning stage and are looking for guest speakers to present to 3 different groups of students for about 30 minutes each, talking about your career with 10 minutes for Q&A.  Topics could include how you got into it that field, education or training needed, etc. Ideally, we would love to have a variety of professions included: Arts, IT, Healthcare, Service, Sports, really anything to inspire our students to start thinking about their future. If this is something you would be interested in or know someone that would be willing to donate a couple hours of their time to share information about their job or profession, please contact Ms. Hanson


Thank you for helping us work out the "bugs"!  K-6 Families may now submit records of their students' community service hours online.  Look for this button on the homepage and Elementary page to record your students' community service hours:


As you know, we have been sending volunteers to work concessions at Levi Stadium to earn money for specific programs.  YOU decide where the money within our PTO accounts is placed.  This is ideal for EAST COAST TRAVELERS but it is open to ALL CCAA parents who would like to raise money for extra-curricular activities, including other non-profit organizations like outside sports, gymnastics, etc.


We have now just received word that we can sign up to work concessions at the BRAND NEW Golden One Arena in downtown Sacramento! We need to know who is committed to work some of the events so we can gauge how many workers we can guarantee for each event.  Volunteers must be 18 years old or older and over 21 to serve alcohol. The group receives an 8% commission from the gross sales of that stand which will be divided equally among the volunteers working that event. There will be no parking provided so you will have to find your own parking. Uniform must be provided by volunteer (black pants, white tee-shirt, black shoes preferably nonslip). Three mandatory training sessions (TIPS, Food Handler, TEAM) must be completed by each volunteer before first event worked. Current Levi Stadium volunteers will only have to complete the TEAM training if they have a certificate of completion already on file with Yuvonne for TIPS and Food Handler. There will be evening and weekend sessions available (schedule TBA). Typically volunteers report to the arena 90 minutes before an event, work the event, and then clean stands before leaving.


If you commit to working an event and do not show, CCAA will be charged a $75 fee. At this time we need to determine how many events we can commit to and how many people will be willing to work these events. Please look at the list of events below and reply with those you can commit to FIRMLY.


Send your dates and questions, please contact CCAA parent, Yuvonne Ramirez, email


11/16/2016   Kings vs San Antonio
11/18/2016   Kings vs Clippers
11/20/2016   Kings vs Toronto
11/21/2016   Cal v SDSU
11/23/2016   Kings vs OKC
11/25/2016   Kings vs Houston
11/30-12/4   Cirque du Soleil
12/9/2016   Kings vs New York
12/12/2016   Kings vs Lakers
12/13/2016   Stevie Nicks
12/16/2016   UFC
12/20/2016   Kings vs Portland
12/26/2016   Kings vs Philadelphia
12/28/2016   Trans Siberian Orchestra
12/31/2016   Kings vs Memphis
1/4/2017   Kings vs Miami
1/6/2017   Kings vs Clippers
1/8/2017   Kings vs Warriors
1/10/2017   Kings vs Detroit
1/13/2017   Kings vs Cleveland
1/15/2017   Kings vs OKC
1/18/2017   Kings vs Indiana
1/20-22/2017   Monster Jam
1/27-29/2017   PBR
2/3/2017   Kings vs Phoenix
2/4/2017   Kings vs Warriors
2/6/2017   Kings vs Chicago
2/8/2017   Kings vs Boston
2/10/2017   Kings vs Atlanta
2/12/2017   Kings vs New Orleans
2/15-19/2017   Disney on Ice
2/11/2017   21 Pilots
2/23/2007   Kings vs Denver
2/25/2017   Kings vs Charlotte
2/27/2017   Kings vs Minnesota
3/1/2017   Kings vs Brooklyn
3/2/2017   Country
3/5/2017   Kings vs Utah
3/11/2017   Kings vs Denver
3/13/2017   Kings vs Orlando
3/16-19   March Madness
3/22/2017   Kings vs Milwaukee
3/24-25   CIF State Bball Championships
3/27/17   Kings vs Memphis
3/28/2017   NASC Symposium
3/29/2017   Kings vs Utah
3/30/2017   Eric Church
4/1-2   Arena Cross
4/4/2017   Kings vs Dallas
4/9/2017   Kings vs Houston
4/11/2017   Kings vs Phoenix

We always need parents to volunteer to drive for field trips and other school events!


The process can take up to 8 weeks, and must be be completed annually.  Please do this process early in the school year. We have had some drivers not getting qualified in time and not able to drive for their event.


To ease the time, energy and small fee you will earn 15 parent involvement hours (if you qualify)--that's half your hours for the year just for signing up!  You can then earn additional hours for time spent driving and at events.


According to the Transportations policy, this process is required each year.

  1. If you do not already have a staff or volunteer badge a volunteer form must be filled out and signed by the principal. Call the district 916 566-1600 and they can guide you through the time, and requirements of getting your badge.
  2. Proof of liability insurance with coverage of at least $100,000 per person and $300,000 per incident.
  3. Proof of a valid California Driver’s License.
  4. Proof of current automobile registration
  5. Signed Vehicle Safety and Transportation Procedures and Requirements Form included in this packet.
  6. Signed DMV Pull Notice included in this packet.
  7. H6 report from DMV, (cannot get online), DMV fee $5.00. (example included, please take sample to DMV)

Please bring your badge, proof of insurance coverage including expiration date, current driver’s license, current  car registration, signed Safety form (included in packet), signed DMV Pull Notice (included in packet), and original H6 from DMV, to the school office.


MORE Opportunities [as of 8/1/16]

At Home Projects:

  • Volunteer to check through Grant Wrangler and other sites for any available grants

  • Volunteers needed to make costumes (see Mrs. Hughes-Corben or Ms. Williams)

At School (but not necessarily during school hours) Projects:

  • Walerga Orchard maintenance - time to pull weeds and start mowing around trees before it gets out of hand! Call Ms. Wendy to schedule a time.  This needs to be done on a regular basis!

  • Weekly Watering at Walerga - schedule a time to come in once or twice a week to hand water our rock garden, orchard, and patio areas.

Adopt a Street

Notice those signs on Walerga between Elkhorn and Antelope? To keep our signs we should be cleaning the area periodically. We need parents to organize the days (probably on a Field Study Day!) and contact Adopt a Street organization as well to make sure we are following those guidelines.

volunteer spot.jpg

Crab Feed - Feb 11

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

Promote our school

1. Take copies of "Apply Now" flyers to pass out in town!

2. Take copies of "Apply Now" flyers to post in businesses, arts studios, private schools, apartment complexes, car wash bulletin boards - anywhere that will let us!  Make a list of where and send to Mrs. Corben - let us know if YOU can pass out those flyers or if we need to find other parents who can do so for their hours.

3. Find community events where CCAA can have a free "booth" so we can advertise and hand out flyers for our school or past out flyer even if "booth" option isn't available.  Make a list and send to Mrs. Corben - let us know if YOU can pass out those flyers or if we need to find other parents who can do so for their hours.


Contact PTO

Contact the CCAA PTO organization at if you have additional volunteer questions & suggestions. Please be sure to include an email (It does not show automatically on what you send us.) and/or phone number so we can contact you.