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Promote our school

1. Take copies of "Apply Now" flyers to pass out in town!

2. Take copies of "Apply Now" flyers to post in businesses, arts studios, private schools, apartment complexes, car wash bulletin boards - anywhere that will let us!  Make a list of where and send to Mrs. Corben - let us know if YOU can pass out those flyers or if we need to find other parents who can do so for their hours.

3. Find community events where CCAA can have a free "booth" so we can advertise and hand out flyers for our school or past out flyer even if "booth" option isn't available.  Make a list and send to Mrs. Corben - let us know if YOU can pass out those flyers or if we need to find other parents who can do so for their hours.


Contact PTO

Contact the CCAA PTO organization at if you have additional volunteer questions & suggestions. Please be sure to include an email (It does not show automatically on what you send us.) and/or phone number so we can contact you.

Volunteer Opportunities

Involvement News


If you are interested in being a coach for next year, please let Mrs. Corben know ASAP!  We have to have our coaches lined up in order to participate in the leagues. For more information or questions, please email Mrs. Corben



* Mandatory Coach Meeting – August 30th at 4:00 pm, District Office – Walnut Room

* Season - September 17- November 1



* Mandatory Coach Meeting – November 1st at 4:00 pm, District Office - Pine Room

* Season – January 14 - March 7



* Mandatory Coach Meeting – January 24th at 4:00 pm, District Office – Walnut Room

* Season – March 18 - May 16


Get a head start on your 2018-19 parent volunteer hours on August 15 by helping out with Walerga orientation.  We will need 3 parents to help out with schedule pick up: collecting papers, proofing for signatures, checking off names, and handing out planners.  Please come to office and sign up on the volunteer clipboard!

volunteer spot.jpg

Adopt a Street

Notice those signs on Walerga between Elkhorn and Antelope? To keep our signs we should be cleaning the area periodically. We need parents to organize the days (probably on a Field Study Day!) and contact Adopt a Street organization as well to make sure we are following those guidelines.

MORE Opportunities - Updated 4/13/15

At Home Projects:

  • Volunteer to check through Grant Wrangler and other sites for any available grants

  • Volunteers needed to make costumes (see Mrs. Castellanos or Ms. Williams)

  • Build a portable stage for the Walerga campus -- picture available of what we are hoping for but also willing to adjust if you have another idea!

  • PTO needs a parent with experience in non-profit tax preparation. If able to help, please contact PTO.

  • create door-stop for my classroom door to keep it open -- for Mrs. Wilson at Walerga

  • build flat cart with casters to put file cabinets on so they are mobile - for Mrs. Gordon and Mrs. Corben at Walerga

At School (but not necessarily during school hours) Projects:

  • Walerga Orchard maintenance - time to pull weeds and start mowing around trees before it gets out of hand! Call Ms. Wendy to schedule a time.  This needs to be done on a regular basis!

  • Weekly Watering at Walerga - schedule a time to come in once or twice a week to hand water our rock garden, orchard, and patio areas.

  • Painting older chairs at Walerga - see Ms. Wendy for details.

  • Construct a stage unit found at Walerga - no directions, need someone who knows how to figure it out, could take kit home and bring back.