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Cell Phones @ Walerga 7-12

Student use of electronic devices in class:

Students will no longer be allowed to have cell phones "on" in the classroom.

Consequences for violating this rule will be:

1. If cell phone rings, vibrates, ...more

Cell Phones @ Arutas K-6

Cell phones are allowed on campus, but must be “OFF” during school hours.

They may not be on “VIBRATE” or “SILENT.”

Students may not text message, send or receive messages during school hours.

The ...more

Discipline and Safety


The Vice Principal's office has support for behavior and attendance issues. This is the first stop when you want support for student issues at CCAA. Please contact the Vice Principal's office for any student issues. The Vice Principal's office is located in the front office.


All students at Creative Connections Arts Academy are expected to respect, adapt to, and comply with school rules, and varying classroom expectations and rules set by each teacher. Under no ...more

Dress Code

The purpose of the dress code is to help students develop standards for their personal appearance and to insure their safety in the school environment. School attire must also support a safe academic ...more

Public Displays of Affection

The guidelines for the appropriate public display of affection are as follows:

  • Students cannot be pressed up against each other, walls or any other objects while hugging.
  • Holding hands is allowed.
  • Having ...more

Academic Honesty-Honor Code

Philosophy: Students of Creative Connections Arts Academy have the right to a fair academic learning environment where honesty is reflected by consistent submission of original academic work and ...more


Citations are opportunities to re-teach behavior standards and to inform parents of chronic or serious unacceptable behavior.

Citations must be returned the following day with a parent/guardian ...more

Walerga Detention

Detention is a supervised period held for one hour directly after school on Thursdays. Detention can be assigned by teachers and administrators. Staff members assigning the detention may contact the ...more


Creative Connections Arts Academy includes probation or level status in four categories: Academic, Arts, Attendance, and Discipline. Probation is not a punishment, but a way to identify students who ...more

Reasons for Suspension

California Education Code 489000 states that the following issues may be cause for suspension:​

  • Physical Injury to Another Person
  • Caused, Threatened, or Attempted
  • Willful Use of Force/Violence Upon ...more